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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for my ICO?

We have a trusted network of legal attorneys who give advices on jurisdiction, token structure and other core considerations when launching and growing an ICO as we at Cryptonite Solutions are committed to helping our clients go through the complex world of cryptocurrency markets with sound legal advice and services.

Cryptonite Solutions is committed to helping clients go through the complex world of cryptocurrency markets with sound legal advice and services

This is important because structuring a blockchain-backed company needs specialized expertise that only experienced attorneys can provide. We are given to helping you design and implementing a business model that is in line with the necessary regulations while reducing the risks involved to protect you, your company, and your investors. We provide the following services:

  • Legal guidance on the SEC’s cryptocurrency and ICO regulations
  • ICO white paper legal services: We provide legal assessment and advices during the process of white paper creation to ensure we limit your legal liability in such a way that will increase the confidence of investors in your business while reducing risks.
  • ICO legal document preparation services: Besides our general legal advising services, we also support our clients by preparing all the necessary offering documents, operating documents, and investing documents which your business will be needing on a daily basis to make your ICO a success.
  • Your virtual currency projects and the SEC: As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can make or break your ICO, it is important that your ICO is compliant with the regulations to ensure the success of your ICO.
  • ICO risk assessment: Our experts assay the risks involved with launching an ICO to ensure that they can be worked with. This is to keep you and your company from harm’s way from the legal and regulatory pitfalls unique to ICOs.
  • ICO funding assistance: Our Cryptocurrency lawyers have all the necessary know-how, experience, and legal sharpness to help you with all legal matters pertaining to raising capital and establishing equally valuable credibility in the cryptocurrency community.
  • Intellectual property protection: We are here to protect your intellectual Property rights to the fullest extent allowable by law including trademarks, patents, domain names, copyright, and trade secrets.
  • ICO litigation services: Our goal is to protect your ICO from needless legal battles throughout the stages of offering your cryptocurrency. The last thing you need is a lawsuit that prevents you from moving forward.
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Jurisdictional Analysis: Our team can help by checking the legal frameworks of different jurisdictions for the ones best suited for your ICOs.
  • Post-ICO token and legal management: We provide legal services while growing your business after it has been launched.
  • Tokenomics Advisory Services: We recognise how important tokenomics is to the execution process of your ICO and no matter the scope of your project, the team is always here to help.
  • Legal audit services: We provide legal consulting and audit services devised to keep your cryptocurrency projects secured during operations and sales in the market.

ICO Marketing

We have worked with businesses over the years and we have experts who can offer all ICO marketing services required to launch a successful ICO. We provide the following services:

  • End-to-End ICO marketing & PR
  • Product validation Analysis
  • Roadmap and ICO marketing strategy
  • Brand, web, and social media expertise
  • Premium placement in news outlets
  • International bounty program
  • Reputation Management
  • ICO digital marketing
  • Community management


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