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Why Should You Choose Cryptonite Solutions As Your STO Launch Services Provider?

Tokenization and offering of assets include the legal, financial and technical aspects. These make the process a complicated one. We at Cryptonite Solutions understand how complicated the process of asset tokenization is and have even made partners with legal experts who are ready to assist you through the qualification process of STO.

Cryptonite Solutions as your STO Launch Services Provider

What Can Be Tokenized?

The tokenization of real estate properties involves the digitization of these properties into tokens. The large properties can be broken down into smaller tokenized assets thus allowing the quick sale of these properties.

Real assets such as precious metals (gold, silver), art pieces, commodities, etc can also be tokenized. Such token’s value is always linked directly to the real-time value of the asset it represents.

Companies can also tokenize their shares and owning an equity provides a portion of the company’s profits to investors. This has been proven as an efficient fundraising model for early start-ups.

STOs can also be used to seek out new sources of funds when managing an investment fund.

Why Tokenize?

  • Liquidity: Tokenization of assets makes it easier to sell these assets with the allowance for fractional ownership.
  • Transparency: STO allows all token holders the ability to monitor all transactions that are related to their assets.
  • Legally Compliant Tokens: Existing regulations of the jurisdiction protects smart contracts of the offered tokens thus providing high security to investors.

Our STO Launch Services

  • Legal Services: We can introduce our STO legal partners to you who will act as your legal representatives and advisors in matters relating to STO regulations. They will be responsible for:
    • Selection of Intermediary for STO
    • Assessment of Anti-money Laundering regulations
    • Token Purchase Agreement
  • Landing Page: We at Cryptonite solutions will also provide you with an informative landing page to enhance the sale of tokens. It will also encourage investors to get started quickly. A landing page for STO consists team details, tokenomics, STO launch date and roadmap.The website has also been integrated with smart contracts to show the live token’s count, supply and the amount that has been raised.
  • 2-Factor Authentication Services: These include:
    • OTP generated via registered/email + static password
    • A Time-based OTP + Fingerprint, PIN or Face ID
    • Username + Password with strong password policies

    These have been provided to ensure the necessary security of the websites and mobile apps from hackers.

  • Owner’s Manual: This explains the utility to be gotten from the token and the product. Our team will make sure to explain clearly the legal regulations, vision and mission in a whitepaper.
  • Community Support Management: We make sure to support the community by answering queries asked by customers, replying comments and so on which we do through crypto forums and instant chats.
  • STO Marketing Activities: We conduct different marketing activities to help prepare strategies to promote the Security Token and target the right audience. Some of these activities include:
    • Growth Hack Activities
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Social Media Account Set up
    • Ad Campaign Management
    • Community Building
    • Pitching STO Listing Sites
    • Email Marketing
    • Press Release Submission
  • Custodian Integration: Our services also include providing integration services to verify the accredited investors and keep to the ethical codes by performing the background checks on their profiles. These include:
    • AML & KYC
    • Funds Processing
    • Fiat Backed Digital Assets
    • Bad Actor Checks
    • Accounting & Data Retention
  • Blockchain based product development: We can also build blockchain based products which support the security tokens. The services include:
    • Blockchain Ideation
    • Visual and Technical Design
    • Proof of Concept Development
    • Development and Deployment
    • Upgrades
  • Security Token Development: Our team can also create security tokens using different token issuance platforms such as Polymath, Harbor, Securitize, Securrency and Swarm. The creation service includes:
    • KYC Identity Aware Tokens
    • Smart contracts for the minting of tokens
    • Smart Contracts for Crowd Sale
  • Payment Services: These include:
    • Accepting card payments from customers
    • Prepaid card payment
    • Virtual IBANs


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